Online Spa Business Planning Day 2017
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Spa Business Planning Day
Spa Business Virtual Planning Day

What if I told you...your spa could get more bookings, increase sales plus you could find more time to work ON your business?

You started in the spa industry with a vision for making a difference…

When you decided to open your spa business you dreamed of helping humanity feel and see their inner and outer beauty. And there was such satisfaction for you when...

  • you saw a client's face light up at their own reflection...
  • you heard a guest snoring gently during a facial because of your healing touch...
  • you received thanks for your tender care as tears brimmed in your client's eyes.

You thought with experiences like these, that owning a spa would mean endless days of giving treatments and hanging out with amazing clients who appreciated you.


Yet, that's not the way reality played out.

You didn’t count on how HARD it’s been to run your spa business.

The problem isn’t that you’re not cut out for being an entrepreneur…

The problem is you’re acting like an Esthetician, not a Spa Entrepreneur.

Spa Owner


  • An esthetician focuses on the present work to be done.  
  • A esthetician is happy tinkering in the treatment room with clients, doing what she knows best.
  • An esthetician sees the spa in parts and works on things one at a time.
  • A esthetician is happy in their comfort zone and resists change.

Spa Entrepreneurs

  • A spa entrepreneur focuses on the future & how the business should work.
  • A spa entrepreneur is an innovator; delighted to seek out new methods of turning possibilities into opportunities.
  • A spa entrepreneur sees the spa as a whole and creates a synergistic plan for all pieces to work together.
  • The spa entrepreneur wants to keep changing; they know remaining the same means halting growth. 

Most spa owners never realize they are stuck in a service provider mindset.

And...never realize this is the one thing that's been holding them back from more sales, clients and self-fulfillment as an entrepreneur.

Spa Business Virtual Planning Day

This Spa Business Online Planning Day is for you if...

  • You feel a calling to “play bigger” in your spa business, but you’re unsure what that looks like or what steps to take next.
  • You’d rather be organized and stress-free than spend another year flying-by-the-seat-of your-pants at the spa.
  • You want to soak up wisdom on how to better allocate time and resources so you can have… more time and resources!
  • You want to know how to see your spa business as a whole, rather than disconnected parts and to be able to see which systems are missing and how they can make your life easer as an entrepreneur.
  • You crave clarity around what your financial goals should be and how to motivate you and your team to reach them each month.
  • You long to regain your confidence and passion for the spa industry. Hell, you may even want business to be downright fun again!

Join me for a FULL DAY online spa business strategic planning event...

And I'll show you how to create a plan for 2017 to be the best year yet.

Here's what you'll get at the event:

Wondering which way to go? You'll have a clear path for your career and business direction for 2017 that implements your vision, financial goals and personal fulfillment.

Does your time/money math actually work out? I'll show you how to reverse enegineer getting the sales & pay you want next year. And we wont forget to include your vacation time & budget.

Want to flip which services you're giving the most? We'll be Money Mapping your services & retail using the Boulders, Rocks, Pebbles & Sand exercise so you can maximize your sales next year.

One-Page Strategic Plan: I'll teach you how to use all the information you learned, brainstormed, researched and wrote today and streamline it into a one-page document for simple, quick and strategic reference all year long. 

The 90-Day Game Plan: The last step of our day is to break down your 2017 Strategic Plan in four 90-Day Game Plans. It's important that you have simple tools like this to keep you on track of your goals without feeling overwhelmed with all the moving parts of your business.

Master your schedule & get your life back. You’ll be learning how to organize your year, months, weeks & days to become uber efficient with your “success list”. Plus I'm going to show you what your ideal schedule should be to make sure you’re feeling fulfilled and not burning out, but the work is getting done. 

We’ll dig into a traditional strategic planning exercise to make sure you’ve thought of everything that could affect your business next year.

Goals are great, but accountability is critical to having your plan succeed. I'm teaching you which Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) you need to watch all year in order to course correct and avoid mistakes.

Workshop Format: The day will be broken up into multiple 30-45 min trainings, with time to brainstorm & work on your 2017 plan in between sessions. We'll also take movement breaks to help us stay fresh and a lunch break to fuel our minds. 

Starts: 9 am PT/1 pm ET 

Ends: 3 pm PT/6 pm ET 

1 Day. 3 Big Outcomes.

Clarity, Focus + Peace of Mind

Spa Business Virtual Planning Day



Early Bird

> Access to all Planning Day workshop classes on Nov 14th.

> All sessions throughout the Planning Day will be recorded and replays sent to your inbox if you can't make the workshop live or want to re-watch specific teachings.

> Worksheets, templates & spreadsheets to make it super easy for you to engineer your 2017 strategy and use them all year long as tools to stay focused on your goals and action steps.

> Complimentary Q&A coaching call on Monday, Nov 28th to answer any lingering questions you have about your strategic plan for next year. 

VIP Early Bird

>> PLUS an extra ticket to this workshop for your business partner or extra charge. Team work makes the dream work! ($125 value)

>> PLUS a 30-min private coaching call with Kirsten to schedule whenever you wish and on any topic you want to discuss. ($150 value)

>> PLUS Complimentary admission to the May 2017 Half Way Planning Day so you can fine tune or adjust the strategy you created this fall and feel supported with your goals and action steps throughout the year. ($200 value)

>> Total Value $600

After Nov 11th - $197

After Nov 11th VIP - $297

More questions? 

Feel free to call Kirsten at 250-516-3256 or email

Early Bird pricing ends in...


What spa owners are saying about Kirsten Foss...

"I could not have transformed myself or my business without the guidance, support and motivation from Kirsten."

Heather Wing, New You Skin Solutions, NY

“Kirsten gives simple strategies that are easily implemented and will bring your business to a new level of professionalism."

Elizabeth Fellows, Monet Spa, BC

"Kirsten has helped me double my buisness in 6 months. Her education is full of useful techniques that really do work.”

Jane Handforth, Cowlicks Hair Studio, BC 

Nicole Bennett

"My business has doubled in sales and we’ve found new ways to reduce expenses since with Kirsten! I’ve been able to encourage my team, build a great brand, and increase our client retention, too. With just a few tweaks of our brand and business model, I’ve found a new focus and fresh take on my business."

Nicole Bennett, Flawless Skin Care & Acne Clinic, CA

"Thanks to Kirsten's direction, my business clearly represents who I am, what I do and consistantly attracts my ideal clientele."

Kristy Virgilio, Bella Luche Skin Care, BC

Your Business Coach

I have combined 23 years as an esthetician, 20 years as a spa owner and a natural talent as a mentor & leader to create a deep understanding of the issues and frustrations salon and spa entrepreneurs face in their business and help them overcome their sales and profit challenges using strategy, strong leadership and a passion for being in service.

Spa owners are over-thinking, overwhelmed and over worked...and it's because they are struggling to understand how to be strategic in their marketing, operations, staffing and leadership.

Truely, they're tired of spinning their wheels & "winging it". I know I was when I owned my first spa.

Now, as a maven in the spa industry, it's my vision and mission for spa owners to operate their business profitably, strategically, passionately...without depleting their energy or ambition.

I hope you'll join me on Monday, November 14th to create an epic plan to rock 2017 at your spa.

Kirsten Foss coaching consulting for spa & estheticians

Kirsten Foss